Our Story

The Lemon Tree & Co. started during the spring of 2014 and has since become a leading food and beverage entity in Egypt. It was established with the passion and ambition of growing the culture of fine hospitality and entertainment – professionally for a clientele who has an elaborate taste for quality. The Lemon Tree & Co.’s determination to deliver a high quality lifestyle had the brand evolve into diverse sub-brands and categories, completing a full exquisite experience that compliments refined tastes and senses

La vie boheme

A tribal party concept by The Lemon Tree & Co. hosted at Rituals offering extraordinary experiences overlooking the Mediterranean beach. La Vie Boheme is where the magic happens through showcasing a bohemian inspiration, touching every little detail in the place from the setting and decorations, to the dancers’ styling. It is the time and place where a mind-blowing line-up confidently engages with the crowd.